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Halfway through the 2014 Contest Submissions

David Winitsky

We're halfway to November 21. Have you submitted yet? View this email in your browser

Hey Friends!

The 2013 jewish playwriting contest is open, and submissions are coming in fast. You've got til  to get us YOUR play!November 21

Here’s the deal: you want to submit your play, because the jpp gets plays moving. We put some details in the bottom of this email, or you can

Check out our success page.

Contest finalists are eligible for lots of development opportunities, and will be shared with our network new play and jewish-world colleagues.

Get all the Contest eligibility details here.

But here's the other deal. We need you to submit.

We are on a mission to collect 500 new jewish plays, so we can do some deep data mining to figure out what artists are saying about 21st century jewish life.

What are we writing about? What’s important to us right now? What does this amazing out pouring of new work mean for the future of culturally-specific work? 

Here's a sample of some info we've found. 

 So far, we’ve got 400 plays (more than 75 already this year!). Put yours in the hat so we can keep going. 

We need your play. You want to submit your play. It’s a perfect match.

Make sure you submit before November 21.

(Oh, what’s that? You don’t have a play? Well I bet you know someone who does! Send ‘em over to jewishplaysproject/contest and have them send it!)
Thanks so much -
David and Jeremy 

Plays that went on to production
The Hatmaker’s Wife by Lauren Yee– 2013 Production, The Playwrights Realm
Mahalla by The Anthropolgists – 2013 Berkshire Fringe Festival
Salt – by Zvi Sahar – 2014 Premiere at Israel’s HaZira Theater
He Who Laughs by Ian Cohen – 2014 Workshop at JCC Theaterworks, New Haven
Outside Development
Spirit in the Sky by Peter Ullian – the sequel to 2013’s Black Fire White Fire at Hollis University
Let Me Go by Jonathan Caren - Readings at Rattlestick Theatre and the New Group
The Karpovsky Variations by Adam Kraar - Reading at Ensemble Studio Theater
Bounty of Lace – Benefit Reading for the progressive non-profit Unchained at Last
OPEN Festival Workshops
Six by Zohar Tirosh-Polk
(and a Continuing Commission from Commercial Producer)
The Man in the Sukkah by Deborah Yarchun
Estelle Singerman by David Rush
OPEN Festival Readings
a People by Lauren Feldman
Black Fire/White Fire by Peter Ullian
Centrifugal Force by Gary Winter
Good Night, Mrs. Bernstein by Lauren Kettler
The Law of Return by Martin Blank
Renegade Reading
Israeli Palestinian Resolution: a very extremely important play‚ in progress‚ by Samuel Goldmeyer by Ira Gammerman
Contest Readings
The Wicked Son by Cecilia Copeland (who also made a major noise with her organization NY Madness and the Gun Control Theater Action)
A Jew From East Jesus by Jim Shankman
Leon’s Dictionary by Stephanie Satie

And while we're at it, here's a cool opportunity from our amazing friends at the Lark Play Development Center. If you've got a great Israel play, send it in!