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Drum Roll Please......

David Winitsky

Here they are, your 2013 Jewish Playwriting Contest Top 10 Plays!

The Law of Return by Martin Blank
Let Me Go by Jon Caren
The Maiden of Ludmir by Yossefa Even-Shoshan
The Karpovsky Variations by Adam Kraar
Good Night, Mrs. Bernstein by Lauren Kettler
Divided Among Themselves by Henry Kimmel
Israeli Palestinian Resolution: a very extremely important play‚ in progress, by Samuel Goldmeyer by Ira Gamerman
A Jew From East Jesus by Jim Shankman
Skinwaking by Cecilia by Raker
Estelle Singerman by David Rush
Leon’s Dictionary by Stephanie Satie
A Man, his Wife, and his Hat by Lauren Yee

Thank you so much to the 167 playwrights who submitted, the 46 Artist Panel Members, and the the 40 Community Panel Members. I am simply in awe of your amazing outpouring of energy for new Jewish theater. 

But David....?
I hear you savvy math folks saying, "Wait a minute, I see 12 plays there." And right you are, dear readers. Here's the deal:

So you see, we really need 12. (Plus it means we get to recognize more cool plays.)

Rockin'. So what happens next?
Glad you asked. The 3 winning plays meet for one last Battle Royale (Theater at the 14th Street Y, June 10, 2013). The Champion play will get a 2-week workshop and presentation at the end of the OPEN Residency on June 27-30. 

Awesome, right?

And now for some more awesomeness. 
There were three plays that our panel loved this year that were in our Top 10 plays last year. We thought that was just too cool to pass up, so these three plays will get a reading or workshop time this spring, thanks to the amazing team at the 14th Street Y and the JPP Developmental Company. The Alumni Plays are:

A People by Lauren Feldman
Black Fire/White Fire by Peter Ullian
The Man in the Sukkah by Deborah Yarchun

I am just thrilled by these plays and am jonesing to see them get up on their feet a bit and become real live theater. 

And the best for last: you can be a part of the JPP!
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Thanks to everyone for being a part of the first part of this excellent journey. Remember - make sure you get out to one of the Contest events to have your voice heard - the live audience votes on the winner of each! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
David and the JPP Crew