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David Winitsky

We had it all - a packed house, amazing actors, three GREAT plays, and a few cases of good wine; everything you need for a fantastic evening in the theater. And at the end of it all, we had a winner. On behalf of Carol Berman, our 10 Artist Panel Reviewers, our 30 Community Panel Reviewers, our Advisory Board and our funders, I offer a huge MAZEL TOV to the winner of the 2012 JCC Metrowest Jewish Playwriting Contest:


by Zohar Tirosh-Polk
Zohar and Ron
Zohar and actor Ronald Guttman pose with Orli Nativ's character rendering of SIX.

This layered tale grabbed the audience's heart with its complex view of Israel in the current moment - its soul-stirring beauty, its infuriating politics, its idealistic history and bustling future - and its powerful effect on Jews in the diaspora. I could not be more proud to be carrying this play forward.

You can catch SIX at its workshop production as part of OPEN: The New Jewish Theater Residency at Manhattan's 14th Street Y, playing June 28 - July 2012. Make sure you are there to see this amazing work, and four others, including one from LABA: The National Laboratory for New Jewish Culture. It promises to be an amazing festival, and we can't wait to see you there.

A gigantic YASHER KOACH to finalists Cecilia Copeland (THE WICKED SON) and Lauren Feldman (A PEOPLE) - the voting was so incredibly close, and there were passionate feelings on all sides. As I've said - we remain dedicated and committed to advancing these plays (and others from the Contest) and plans are already under way to hear more from these stunning  artists.

I simply cannot thank our gifted cast enough: Joby Earle, Shelly Feldman, Ronald Guttman, Alvin Keith, Dina Pearlman, Rebecka Ray, Franny Silverman and Aaron Weiner handled a bewildering array of characters and ideas with aplomb (and kept their cool when they got stuck in Occupy Wall Street traffic!). The most consistent comment on the night was "Where did you find those actors? They were amazing!"

And we are already thinking ahead to the 2013 JCC Metrowest Jewish Playwriting Contest! We got so much great material from all around the nation and the world, that we simply have to do this again. Just check out this map that shows all the places where this year's 175 playwrights live:
JPC Plays Map
With so many incredible new voices from around the world giving us fresh points of view on contemporary Jewish identity - we simply can't stop now! If all this gets you excited, and you want to be a part, click here to sign up for next year's Review Panels.

Todah Rabah to everyone involved thus far, and stay tuned for more great theater from the Jewish Plays Project!!

Best –
David Winitsky
Director, Jewish Plays Project

Carol Berman
Director, Gaelen Center of the Arts at JCC Metrowest

Becky Skoff
Manager, LABA at the 14th Street Y