The Jewish Playwriting Contest seeks to discover a new generation of plays that reflect the 21st Century  Jewish experience, and to engage a broad audience in a discussion of that experience.

There are three steps to the Contest:

1. Scripts are solicited from around the world.

013 World Playwrights Map: Locations where scripts were generated. 

013 World Playwrights Map: Locations where scripts were generated. 

By using the preternatural reach of the internet and targeting major playwright service organizations, the JPP has been extraordinarily successful in collecting a vast sampling of current work - over 512 plays from 450 writers in 26 states and 8 countries to date. 


2. Scripts are read and evaluated by theater artists.

50 artists in New York, LA, London and Tel Aviv read and discuss the plays. A system of online reviews, context and subjet matter databases and panel meetings winnows the list of  plays each year down to a Top 10 List.


3. We give the Top 10 directly to the People to choose the winner.

The Metrowest Nj panel hashes out their Top 3.

The Metrowest Nj panel hashes out their Top 3.

The most important part of our selection process is bringing in Lay Leaders (which in JPP-speak means non-theater professionals in the Jewish community). We contract directly with individual jewish organizations - JCCs, synagogues, theaters, social agencies - to engage their constituents in a dialogue about what 21st Century jewish theater should look like. In each city, a Top 3 is chosen.



Then we bring our signature live event - Txt2Thtr to the local venue. A cast of stellar actors reads 20-minute sections of each of the Top 3 plays for an audience of 100 people, after which, they use their cell phones to vote on the winner. 

These evenings are informal, fun, and engaging, and help the JPP create an authentic connection between artists and audiences. Bring us to your venue next year!

4. The Winning Play goes on to a workshop production for industry leaders in New York at the Theater at the 14th Street Y, as part of the JPP's OPEN Festival.